News reel


¯ In November a poster by me appeared at the European Space Weather Week, in Leuven, Belgium. Subject: "Planetary triggering and statistical forecasting of extreme events.

¯ In mid-October I had the joy of speaking at the opening event of the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Larisa, here in Greece. I told the enthusiastic participants a few things about the star closest to us (yeap, that's the Sun).

¯ August: I visited Leiden in the Netherlands for the quite interesting Astro Hack Week workshop. Also, my article gets online (in the correct issue of the journal, this time :)

¯ In July I was knocked off my socks by writing a guest post about my solar research in the Quantum Diaries Survivor blog.

¯ April: My astrophysics article is accepted for publication; also, I begin a monthly pop-physics newsletter, "The Ph-Word".


¯ December'17: After three months spent in southern London suburbs the "household" got back in Athens, the fifth move in 2017.

¯ In September v.2 of my astrophysics work got on arxiv.

¯ The beginning of August saw the move from Tokyo to Athens. After two and a half years spent in the far east it was not easy!

¯ July was (publicly) eventful: A talk at APRIM'17, the regional meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Taipei; a seminar at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan; a presentation at the exciting pop science event "Nerd Nite" in Tokyo. ( That speakers' free drink was my first earning while freelance~ )

¯ In March I became a wondering physicist by leaving Daejeon in S.Korea for Taipei. In June I moved over to Tokyo.