Physics Today:

   -  "Newly Revealed Ancient Galaxies Generate Excitement" - ancient galaxies misbehaving
   -  "The Shape of Black Hole Jets" - no, they are not cones

The Guardian:

   -  "Splitting the Atomic Scientists" - war; suddenly, publications

The Daily Beast:

   -  "How a Solar Storm Could Bring Your Plane Crashing Down" - solar storms vs. planes

Sky & Telescope:

   -  "Alien Comets" - feature article on exocomets

Scientific American:

   -  "New Views of Quantum Jumps Challenge Core Tenets of Physics" - insights into the quantum world

Massive Science:

   -  "How a balloon flying over Antarctica made parallel universes tabloid fodder" - balloons, ice, cosmic rays; suddenly, parallel universes
   -  "2000-year-old shipwreck will help catch elusive neutrinos traveling from distant supernovae" - a tale of neutrinos and archaeology
   -  "Physicists measured general relativity's effects using clocks" - on measuring height using gravity

Posts at the site ParticleBites:

   -  "New detectors on the block" - designing experiments in the 21st century
   -  "A symphony of data" - looking at data without prejudices
   -  "“Diversity and inclusion”: a meta-look at ICHEP" - a glimpse at physicists themselves
   -  "A shortcut to truth" - neural networks cutting through heavy code
   -  "Crystals are dark matter’s best friends" - growing super-efficient crystals to settle a disagreement
   -  "Listening for axions" - updates on the up-and-coming dark matter candidate

Feature article in Prisma (in greek):

   -  "Η αβάσταχτη επιτυχία του Καθιερωμένου Προτύπου" (pdf) - on the wildly successful and incomplete Standard Model

From my blog The Ph-word:

   -  "A few neutrinos in Kamioka" - on the search for weird behaviour in neutrinos and antimatter
   -  "Ph-bloopers" - on widely publicized discoveries which nobody told the public were found to be wrong
   -  "Judgment day for quantum leaps" - on new developments in the understanding of the ridiculously small


Articles on the site Travel to Japan (in greek):

   -  "Ο πύργος από κάψουλες" - ένα ορόσημο που χάθηκε
   -  "Οτόμε-ρόντο στο Ικεμπούκουρο" - η αγαπημένη περιοχή των γυναικών geeks
   -  "Δύο όψεις του εικοστού αιώνα" - βαδίζοντας έκθαμβη στο Αζάμπου Τζούμπαν

Entry in Atlas Obscura:

   -  "Parilissia Iera" - a tourist gem hidden in plain sight

From my photoblog Blossom City Hotel:

   -  "Tanabata matsuri – Festival of the star lovers"
   -  "Taipei: 10 travel tips for cyberpunk tastes"


Article in the online arts magazine Independent (in greek):

   -  "Jean-Jacques Lemêtre: Από και προς το μουσικό σώμα" - εργαστήριο με το εμβληματικό μέλος του Θέατρου του Ήλιου

Articles in the online magazine Katiousa (in greek):

   -  "Όμορφη οικονομία μας" - δουλειά και ντροπή στον κορονοϊό
   -  "Starcraft στο πάτωμα" - γκλάμουρ και παράδοση στη Νότια Κορέα
   -  "Στιγμές ήπιου ολοκληρωτισμού" - τεχνολογία και ολοκληρωτισμός στη Νότια Κορέα

From my photoblog Blossom City Hotel:

   -  "Seven things I learned about North Korea while living in the South (or some cheesy title like that)"